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We are not newbies. Digital Prunes has been around for some time and has some hits in its portfolio (Slingshot Cowboy is one of them). As it happens some chain of events lead to a situation where we ran out of funds to support our future projects. We need your help to get us back in the running. All it takes is one hit, and Tap'N'Roll is going to be it!

Tap'N'Roll is a highly Interactive physics puzzle game. Physics puzzles is one of the most popular game categories in the Appstore (think Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Bubble Ball).  And this one is going to blow the charts! Everyone who's got to play with the prototype absolutely loved it. Physics are extremely realistic and "game mechanics are superb" (this is direct quote from one VERY big publisher's feedback who has seen the prototype and  is keen to sign a publishing deal with us when the game is further along).

As with many physics puzzles out there the goal is to get a ball from point A to point B. The ball is put in motion by the force of gravity and makes its way through the maze by bouncing off the objects. There are springs, there are angled walls, there are revolving platforms, there are shifting blocks, there are swings on ropes and bungie cords. They all move, shift, stretch, collide and collapse as the ball bumps its way through and around them. And of course it never gets to the point B unless… you get involved.

How? As the ball makes its way you keep tapping to make it switch between three identities: the heavy metal ball, the bouncy rubber ball and the light wooden ball. Tap and switch to a metal ball right before it hits that spring to make it jump higher, tap and switch to a wooden ball right before it hits that revolving platform so that it doesn't fall through, tap and switch to a rubber ball right before it hits that wall to make it bounce. You have to think ahead and you have to do it right on time. Tap and switch, tap and jump, tap and roll… 

And yeah, don't let your imagination be tampered by balls and walls as you see in the prototype. Once we raised the money to pay to the designer we will do a very nice job with it. There will be a story, there will be a cute character, there will be eye candy graphics and there will be music and sound effects.

And that VERY big publisher can't wait. But we need to show them a real deal. And once we do and once they put their marketing machine behind it - Angry Birds' world domination will be challenged! Help us free the world from these angry monsters! (Kidding, it's a nice game, let it be).

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